was born in 1946.

He has been exhibiting in numerous art shows and galleries as a Painting and Etching artist, including the Galeries Art 4 in Caen, France and the Galerie Mantoux-Gignac in Paris.

He works with the Maniere Noire editing house and creates Etching pieces to illustrate the authors’ work.

He has also painted 2 of the 14 Stations of the Cross for a church in Normandy.

His work can be seen in France, Switzerland, Marrocco, the USA, Japan(Sakima Art Muséum Okinawa ).

recent participations :
BIMPE V Vancouver (Canada)
Pointe et Burin (Paris)
Gravicel ( Lille)
Triennale mondiale de l'estampe (AMAC)
International Print Center  New York
Intaglio 2007 Reims
Print 2007 Oregon State University
Prints Tokyo 2007
Public Acquisitions
Conseil Général de la Manche
Last personal exhibition
Fondation TAYLOR PARIS 9ème (fevrier 2009)





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