What a style, Yves GUEZET ! When an artist practices etching and painting with the same feel and talent, it is a treat for the art lover who will let himself experience through both his senses and intellect.

Yves Guezet exhibits in many art shows and galleries and it is no surprise that the Maniere Noire editing house partnered with him for the illustration of books.

His etchings are breathtaking thanks to the bright greys and the breezy and subtle blacks along shapes which are interlaced with art and emotion, in pieces as captivating as they are evocative.

As a matter of fact, the artist creates a very spiritual experience through this beautiful work, and manages to recreate the feeling within his paintings as well.

How extraordinary it is to see the fantasy world expressed through a unique and passionate brush stroke which conveys in fluid forms and finely nuanced colors what the bible texts inspire.

Yves Guezet provides a dynamic composition of shapes analyzed with open-mindedness and imagination and he goes beyond the simple pleasure of creating to generate with pinache an impact and deliver a true artisitic experience.

André RUELLAN, art critic





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